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The moat, Brantome         Not Available                   original water colour by Russell Flint showing a moat tree and stone work
russell flint, a book of poems

xThe moat, Brantome
Not Available

Russell Flint





An original watercolour.
Not available
Across the Moat, Brantome
Francis Murray Russell Flint (ROI, SMA 1915-1977)
Francis Murray Russell Flint, born 3rd June, 1915
His father was Sir William Russell Flint,
and throughout his career he achieved the status of a highly talented artist in his own right.
He was educated at Cheltenham College and HMS Conway,
and studied at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art, Royal Academy Schools and later the RA in Paris.
He worked for a while as the art master at Hurstpierpoint College, Sussex.
and lived at Burgess Hill in Sussex and Coffinswell, S.Devon and London W8.
Francis Murray Russell Flint was an Offical War Artist during WWII.

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