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russell flint, a book of poems

Janelle and the Volume of Treasures

Russell Flint





Limited edition of 850
Published; 1992

This limited edition is part of a set of 850 printed by Lucas using a highly technical method known as collotype. This process lends itself nicely to watercolours as it allows for a better tonal transfer of colours truer to the
original painting rather than a more digital manner that uses grouped dots and therefor would loose parts of its original medium.

When Sir William's favourite model Cecilia temporarily left him in 1960, he turned to Maggie Covenay a half Chinese girl who always seemed to bring a somewhat feline quality to the most awkward pose. Sir William wrote of this subject
'my nice model is really interested, but she could not turn the page without disturbing the pose, which was hard on her.' Admitting that the pose was so unnatural that in order for her to be able to turn the page she would have to
move out of the held position and yet from the print it looks effortlessly held.

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