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Russell Flint, An Angevin Interior
russell flint, a book of poems

An Angevin Interior

Russell Flint





An original watercolour.

Exhibited: Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour - No.1.
Complete with framing, deep french bound mount and museum glass, as shown.

The Angevins of the House of Plantagenet ruled over an area covering roughly half of France, all of England, and parts of Ireland and Wales, and had further influence over much of the remaining British Isles.
The empire was established by Henry II, as King of England, Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou (from which the Angevins derive their name), as well as Duke of Aquitaine by right of his wife, and multiple subsidiary titles.
Although their title of highest rank came from the Kingdom of England, the Angevins held court primarily on the continent at Angers in Anjou, and Chinon in Touraine.

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